Photo: Walter VanLaeken from Norfolk County Council and Andy Taffeiren

The corner was always known as "Andy's Corners", and the sign was erected sometime in the summer of 1993.

In April, 1947, Andy Taffeiren and his wife Lillian, (Lil), purchased approximately two acres on this corner from Earl and Helen Lewis. At that time it was known as Andy's Place on the corner of the Plank Road and the 14th concession, Township of North Walsingham, County of Norfolk.

The original house was moved to the lot farthest to the east, facing the 14th concession, in 1957, with new living quarters being built.

As time changes everything, Andy changed to a drive-in restaurant in the year 1960, removing the gas pumps, and serving hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, drinks, etc. It was a thriving business in the summer time and allowed for winter time vacation.

Today Andy's Drive-In is owned & operated by Michele, Dale & their sons Tyler & Calvin.


The Docker's Purchased it in May 2010 and are serving customers the same Old Fashion Flavour that Andy himself once cooked from the same kitchen...Andy's Drive-In has expanded their facility with an EAT-IN area Wheelchair accessible entrance and a NEW Ice Cream Parlour…

In 1950 the store was enlarged. Andy went out of the welding business and opened up a small lunch counter. Lil worked in the insurance office in Langton. Andy loved visiting with people and this corner was a great meeting place.

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